If so, we have a very experienced Criminal Law Defence team. Everything we do is 100% confidential (covered under attorney-client privilege). And all of our cases are done on a Fixed-Fee basis with a quote up front. We offer assistance in various areas of Criminal Law including:

• Drink driving & both minor and major traffic offences
• Drug possession, drug supply and drug trafficking
• Fraud
• Assaults
• Sexual assault cases
• Armed robberies
• Murder and manslaughter cases

Every client deserves the best representation. Whether it be negotiating with police, entering an early guilty plea to minimise your penalty, or taking on the Police Prosecution head-on right through to a hearing for a Not-Guilty verdict – we can help! Call us today on (07) 4795 1114 so we can offer you a range of various legal and finance options to suit your needs. And remember, no matter what criminal charge you are facing, we’re in your corner, providing Strategic Advice at a Fixed Price.