Strategic Lawyers is North Queensland’s most innovative and dynamic law firm.

We are always looking for staff and contractors to join our team and help take the firm to a new level.

Applicants should be highly motivated and have the ability to think outside of the box and challenge traditional and inefficient ways of solving problems. You should be able to work efficiently and autonomously, and possess a high level of attention to detail. You should be confident, professional and adapt to new or challenging situations with ease.

Most importantly, you should be able to consider the big picture and have the ability to contribute to the strategic growth of the firm through implementation of efficient business systems, creative marketing campaigns, networking and sales.

When applying to work with Strategic Lawyers, you should keep in mind our core values, which are to:
1. Create value for money for clients through fixed-fee billing;

2. Connect with clients through simplification of legal jargon;

3. Provide high-quality and personally relevant advice; and

4. Be innovative and creative in the way we conduct business and advise clients.

Email our recruitment team with your resume and a cover letter which addresses the above criteria and your suitability for the role.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The entire Strategic Lawyers team has a drive for excellence to give the client the best results and a quality outcome, no matter their circumstance.
Often times this can come down to more than just the most senior in the field. We interview every application in a unique way to find the characterises that we know are required to deliver the best results to the client as well as having the ability to work with a Fixed-Fee business model.
Work is meant to be enjoyed! We often host staff functions and events which give back to our team. We believe in a flexible and relaxed working environment allowing people to operate in a manner that cultivates a friendly culture and reduces stress levels.
Nothing goes unnoticed at Strategic Lawyers. Quality work and exceeding effort will always but acknowledged and rewarded accordingly. We believe that by focusing on the positives of our staff, it enables us to build the relaxed and positive environment that we strive for. 



At Strategic Lawyers we’re all about innovation. All of the law’s great traditions have tended toward law firms with a very old-school mentality. Not here. We’re all about creativity, challenge, innovation, and stretching the limitations of what we can achieve for our clients and for ourselves. We have a culture of encouragement and development, creativity and innovation, and all this to provide better, more cost-effective, fixed-fee legal services to our clients. And our clients love it. Take a look at our Testimonials page and you’ll see just how much our clients love the work we’re doing and particularly the certainty of cost that we bring to the table through our Fixed Fee Quoting system. And if you’re an entrepreneurial lawyer whose keen to try new things and deliver legal services in dynamic, interesting and creative ways, then get in touch with me. I believe in the great work that lawyers do in  society – it’s often under-valued and under-appreciated. But we’re conflict resolvers, deal makers, and advocates. It’s a critically important role. And there’s never been a better opportunity for lawyers to recreate and redefine what we do than right now. So I look forward to working with you, whether as a client or as a colleague.