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A separation can be a trying time for anyone and the process often leads to substantial emotional and financial strain.

Here at Strategic Family Lawyers Townsville our team is focussed on removing the financial stress by creating an affordable solution for you and your ex, as quickly as possible.

Our fixed-price billing system means you will know how much your legal fees will cost because we will give you a quote up-front.

This lets you save for the bill and factor it in – instead of wondering about the future.

We are the only firm in Queensland to publish our family law prices on our website.

This lets you check our price and compare it with others. We’re confident we are price-competitive and if you receive a lower-price offer at another firm in Townsville bring it in and we will endeavour to match it.

Call now to speak to one of our Townsville Family Lawyers and start getting your matter on-track.

The total cost of sorting out your relationship breakdown is $8,820 however if you agree to finalise your whole divorce with us we will reduce that by 10% to $7,938 – a saving of $882

People looking to separate require two legal processes, once you separate you need to work out what you are going to do about your assets and how to divide time and responsibility in relation to the kids. If you receive a quote for a lower price from a competitor firm show us and we will seek to beat it.

These are costs of each step in that process:

Initial Meeting – $330

Come in meet with one of our team of Townsville family lawyers and get expert advice on all the steps in the process and what you need to do to move on with your life.

Negotiations – $990

This is the first thing you need to do after you separate. This step involves negotiating a settlement and communicating with your partner, or their lawyers to try and reach an agreement.

Our price is only for one round of negotiations and this cost increases to $1,485 if we are negotiating both children’s and property matters. The cost will also be adjusted for highly urgent situations.

Consent Orders – $4,950

This step involves our team of Townsville family lawyers drafting the agreement between you and your partner. It is binding and lets you move on with your life.

Consent Orders Filing Fee – $165

The Australian courts charge $165 for you to file your consent orders with them, to make them legally binding.

Divorce application – $1,485

Not everyone is married but if you are you must wait one full year after you separate before our team of Townsville family lawyers can file for divorce on your behalf.

Filing fee for divorce order – $900

The Australian courts charge $900 for you to file your divorce order with them, to make it legally binding.

*Disclaimer: Legal matters are complex and fees may change in accordance with those complexities. Our team of Townsville family lawyers will always inform you of any change in price before fees and charges are incurred.

If your legal matter needs to go to mediation or to court we can meet with you to provide a quote.

Look through the steps below to get a picture of the kind of actions that might be appropriate for you.

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Why Are We The Best?

We do not view the success of the firm through the prism of commercial gain and believe that the most important outcome is client satisfaction. Through the abolishment of six-minute units and billable hours, and the introduction of our fixed-fee billing model, we are able to provide unparalleled value for money and customer service.

Never again will you be worried about a 20 second phone call or two sentence email costing you an arm and a leg. We actually encourage you to keep us informed about developments and changes to the situation, as often these are important details and need to be included in our correspondence or case.

Our philosophy is that often the best way to resolve your issue is away from the financial and emotional stress of Court. Our views are reflected in the following quote from Abraham Lincoln:

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbours to compromise when you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough.”

Here at Strategic Lawyers, we are not afraid to do away with archaic traditions in favour of creative and futuristic solutions. Our service extends far beyond legislative compliance as we are able to work closely with you and all who are involved in the matter, whether it is your family, accountant, consultant, financial advisor or doctor.

Here at Strategic Lawyers, we believe in doing what is best for you. We apply this principle to every aspect of our business, including our customer service, advice and pricing structure.

We know that every personal and business situation is different so we make it our business to understand what has happened and how we can best help you. We don’t categorise you and decide which precedent document best suits you, but instead accept that you are unique and think creatively about how we can customise our advice to suit.

We have a team of lawyers who excel in every aspect of the law, including property law, commercial law, intellectual property, family law, banking and finance law, immigration law, wills and estates, criminal law and litigation. Our use of lawyers, consultants and barristers, gives you access to a wealth of knowledge that is not possessed by the inexperienced, in-house generalists who would be running the case if it was done through another firm.

Our adoption of a fixed-fee method of quoting and payments means that you will get value for money. You do not need to be concerned about calling or emailing us because all of our communication with you is included. This means we are able to provide a high level of customer service and build a working relationship that will result in us being able to better understand the situation and provide a custom solution.

Strategic Lawyers is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for you, in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

We’re modern, use efficient solutions, and focus on you the client. Importantly, by entirely doing away with time-based billing and budgets and with the introduction of our guaranteed fixed-fee pricing, we are able to provide unparalleled value for money and customer service. We provide Strategic Advice at a Fixed Price in all practice areas.

This where the parties sit down, for example around a kitchen table or over coffee, to discuss the issues themselves to try to come to agreement regarding property or children’s matters or both.

It is usually best to have a meeting with us first before attempting this, so you know what your rights are, what you’re trying to achieve, and how best to achieve it.

One of the most important things to realise about this “kitchen table” option is that if you do reach an agreement, often it is not a “binding” agreement. It is usually necessary to then take that kitchen table agreement to your lawyer to have it put into a binding agreement – binding on the parties, binding on the courts, on the police, and so on.

Call (07) 4795 1114 to set up a meeting with our Family Lawyers Townsville team to discuss this option.

This is where the parties, together with their lawyers, push hard to nut out a deal with the assistance of a highly experienced Independent Mediator.

This process can take place prior to initiating Court action, or whilst Court proceedings are in process.

The idea here is to get the parties together for a day, together with their Family Solicitors Townsville, and together with a very experienced accredited Independent Mediator. These often work because everyone is there with a view to negotiating and reaching a deal on the day.

This can often be a good option because it’s less expensive than going to Court, and often on the day a Binding Agreement can be reached in the form of minutes for Consent Orders.

Call (07) 4795 1114 to set up a meeting with our Family Lawyers Townsville team to discuss this option.

This relatively new approach is about resolving family matters outside of Court through a process of collaboration between the parties, their lawyers, and other professionals such as a child psychologist and a financial advisor such as an accountant.

Everyone collaborates together with a commitment to resolution of the issues in a binding way outside of Court. For this to work you and your former partner need to be absolutely committed to this process and to avoiding a court-based litigious approach.

Call (07) 4795 1114 to set up a meeting with our Family Solicitors Townsville team to discuss this option.

This is the most popular option. It’s where you engage us as your Family Lawyers Townsville team to negotiate a deal outside of court on your behalf for either children’s or property matters (or both). Whatever the issue – we’ve got it covered.

These negotiations usually occur via written correspondence dealing with the background, the issues in dispute, what the law says about the issues, while making proposals for settling the matter on certain terms that you are agreeable to. These written negotiations are often followed up with verbal negotiations.

We take a “strategic” approach to these negotiations. We believe in keeping your case out of court if possible. Professional negotiations with a strategic focus are often the best way to achieve that.

Consent Orders are often the best agreement for you. This is a binding agreement, negotiated by us on your behalf, without the need to battle it out in Court. Consent Orders are a lot cheaper than going to Court. And Consent Orders are binding on the parties, the police, the Courts, and so on. Please note that Consent Orders can cover either property or children’s matters (or both at the same time). This is the most popular “out of Court” option.

Please note that throughout these negotiations we are at all times acting in your best interests, achieving the outcome you want in the quickest possible timeframe. Our Family Solicitors Townsville team are highly skilled and trained negotiators. Sometimes the best decision you can make is to put it into the hands of the professionals.

Call (07) 4795 1114 to set up a meeting with our Family Lawyers Townsville team to discuss this option.

While Court should be avoided if possible, it is true that some family law cases simply need to go to Court. And that is what the Court is there for: to consider the evidence and to make a decision when the parties can’t resolve it themselves. Please note that you can go to Court for both property and children’s matters, or both at the same time.

If you need a “bulldog in your corner”, then we’re your Family Solicitors Townsville team of litigation experts. As your lawyer and your advocate, we will stand in your shoes and argue your case in your very best interests. If you need to go to the Family Court, then look no further.

Call (07) 4795 1114 to set up a meeting with our Family Lawyers Townsville team to discuss this option.

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