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The Only Lawyers Ayr Residents Need

Who knows when you might need a lawyer in Ayr? Perhaps you’ve just found your dream property and you need a lawyer to give you advice as a first-time buyer and guide you through the procedure. Or maybe you’ve been captured speeding or been involved in some other form of traffic violation and need a lawyer to represent you in court. No matter what your legal needs, Strategic Lawyers are here to serve you and your community.

Based in Townsville, we’re a small team of highly experienced lawyers with a wealth of legal knowledge between us. This means we have both the capacity and the ability to offer an extensive range of family and business law services. We’re a modern dynamic team that has stepped away from the traditional law firm ethos with our fresh, down to earth approach, easy to understand language, and affordable rates. We view our clients as individuals and tailor our legal services to meet their legal, financial, and emotional needs.

Here are some of the legal matters we can assist you with:

Family – It’s always an emotional time when a once loving relationship breaks down, particularly if there are children involved.  Our experienced family lawyer is here to minimise your anxieties and ensure that you and your children are adequately provided for. Our areas of expertise include separation and divorce, De Facto relationships, property and finance settlements.

Commercial advice – Do you need help with a business dispute? Or perhaps you need some general advice regarding tax, business structure, or employees contracts. We’ll help you navigate the labyrinth of commercial law and act with your best interests in mind.

Domestic Violence – If you’re being threated with a DVO then you need to act fast. A domestic violence order can seriously impact your life and your job so it’s crucial to seek legal advice. We’ll help you explain to the court your circumstances and reasons for opposing the DVO and ensure you get a full and fair hearing.

Compensation – Have you been injured through no fault of your own? You may be entitled to compensation. We operate on a ‘No win, No Fee’ basis and also provide a free appraisal to see if you have a case. Why not contact us today to find out?

Criminal law – If you’re an Ayr resident and you’ve been charged with a criminal or a traffic offence, you’re probably feeling scared and anxious. Or perhaps you’ve been found guilty and you want to appeal? The outcome of your court hearing could hugely impact your life so to achieve the best possible outcome, contact our lawyers about representation.

We’re committed to defending your rights and giving you the strongest representation. We regularly appear in Ayr courts and handle all criminal law matters including fraud, assault, theft, tax offences, public order offences, robbery, drug related matters, and much more.

Fixed-fee rates

We’ve taken away the guess work associated with lawyers’ fees and are pleased to offer fixed-rates whenever possible. This way you know before we take on your case exactly what it’s going to cost you. We can’t be fairer than that!

If you need a lawyer to act for you in Ayr, then contact Strategic Lawyers on (07) 4795 1114 or phone 1314 LAW. We look forward to hearing from you.