Hi Hadlee

Thanks for your time and effort to help us out

Sorry it took this long to reply, but everything you guys did was very professional and appreciated very much

Thanks again and hopefully you can provide your professional to help us on our next contract in the near future

T & M 

Hi Hadlee,

Just taking this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous effort at such short notice to represent me in writing my show cause letter.

I have very good news. I will go back to work on Friday.

The letter you wrote really gave them no other angle to come back at me with. Actually, during the interview, they did not even turn a page.

So again, thank you.

Andrew Johnson


Justin Ireland recently completed the ‘Terms and Conditions’ for our new golfing product, Swing Right Now. He showed genuine interest in making sure we had all our bases covered, on the product packaging and the website.

The price quoted was the price paid and the work was done within our time frame.

He also, very generously, walked me through the process of checking our Registered Trademark, a potential saving of thousands.

Thanks Justin!

Anita Bast-Cook
Director – Golf Swing Right Now Pty Ltd 

Will do, I’m not really used to people being so helpful, as you may have sensed on the phone, I am a little taken aback at this point, as other lawyers I have spoken to have not been anywhere near this helpful.  I can’t speak enough of how refreshing it was to get good direction this morning, thank you so much for your assistance.


I was actually going to drop you a line today just to say thank you.

Seeking your advice yesterday was not something I ever envisaged needing to do. The professional, caring manner in which you conducted the meeting was very much appreciated and put my mind at ease – so thank you!

I will definitely be in touch again… In the meantime if you require anything further from me please get in touch.


Andrew, this means so much to me that you have called up again. The fact that you have actually taken the time out to call me and have been so caring towards me throughout this has been almost unbelieveable.

I have never experienced this sort of service before from a law firm and have always known them to be very disconnected with clients and never show this much geniuine care towards me. I will most certainly be recommending your services to every friend of mine I come across that needs legal help and advice and if I ever need it myself, you will be the first people I go to. I really can’t thank you enough.”