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Litigation Law in Cairns – How We Can Help with Your Lawsuit

Litigation law in Cairns can seem complex and somewhat confusing for the majority of us. However, if you’re involved in a civil lawsuit you shouldn’t be feeling overwhelmed by the legal jargon or the various steps involved. Civil lawsuits aren’t that difficult to get to grips with once you’ve got a better understanding of the terminology and the steps involved.

We understand that for most people dealing with disputes and litigation can be stressful and expensive. We’re here to help make the litigation process as simple and easy as it can be while doing all we can to achieve the very best outcome for your case.

Litigation requires expert legal advice and support. Time is often of the essence with regards to litigation. So, if you want to enforce your legal rights, or if a claim has been filed against you, then don’t delay. Call Strategic Lawyers to arrange a meeting with one of our solicitors.

Meanwhile, we’ve explained below in more detail, things to consider when it comes to litigation law in Cairns and how to choose the right lawyer. So, read on to learn more.

What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation law is intended to resolve lawsuits which fall outside of any criminal jurisdiction. It covers a range of issues such as debt recovery, bankruptcy, personal injury claims, and deceased estate disputes, and is usually handled by the courts. Civil lawsuits typically involve individuals, groups of people, and businesses.

Here at Strategic Lawyers, our experienced litigation lawyers have a deep understanding of the law and the different court procedures involved in resolving disputes between parties.

Using their specialised legal skill sets together with sprinkle of tact and patience, they strive at all times to approach a lawsuit in whatever way is best for their client. Whether you are bringing or defending a claim, our litigation lawyer will tailor their service to maximise the chance of a favourable outcome.

How can our litigation lawyers help you?

We’re here to guide you through the complex jargon which you’ll find in all legal matters. We use simple, clear language that everyone can understand, which is why hiring Strategic Lawyers is extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with litigation law in Cairns.

Assistance with documents

Our litigation lawyers work tirelessly to ensure you’re fully informed during all the stages of the litigation process. In doing so, they will assist you with the following documents and will know the timeframe for completing each one.

  • Complaints – This is a formal document that’s submitted to the court by the plaintiff. It contains a description of the events which lead to the dispute and also establishes a legal basis for holding the defendant responsible for their alleged actions.
  • Affidavits – This is a written statement that is prepared by the plaintiff. It’s a means of presenting the facts of the case to the court and must also be served on all parties.
  • Defences – This form is used if you do not accept a claim that is being brought against you. It outlines the legal reasons for not accepting the claim filed against you and is called your ‘defence’.
  • Discovery – This step occurs after both parties have completed the proceedings process. This is generally the longest part of civil litigation law in Cairns and is the process whereby both parties attempt to find information to strengthen their arguments. Also, the Discovery process prevents parties from hiding any information from one another.
  • Interrogatories – This is a list of questions that one party sends the other during the Discovery process. The recipient has to answer the questions under oath and according to the schedule laid out by the court. Usually, litigation lawyers help their clients to answer these questions in a finely crafted manner.
  • Further and Better Particulars – This is a procedure where a party to a claim in either a tribunal or court can ask for additional information about the other party’s claim or defence.


Our litigation lawyers can represent you in court, arrange a Barrister to represent you, or help prepare you to represent yourself, depending on your needs and circumstances. Whatever you decide, some of the important aspects and possible consequences you need to be aware of include:

  • How to start an action in the State or Federal Courts
  • The necessary response to a claim filed against you
  • Whether alternative options exist outside of court to resolve the dispute
  • How to restrict an opposing party from undertaking certain acts
  • How costs are calculated and where, if possible, they can be reduced
  • How time constraints are worked out and how they affect limitation periods
  • Your responsibilities in providing evidence which supports your claim
  • What effect formal offers to settle could have on your position
  • Whether you need the advocacy and expert opinion of a Barrister
  • How your Court Order can be enforced

Litigation law in Cairns – how to find the right lawyer

Finding the right lawyer can be tricky since you need to consider the experience they have and their personality. Naturally, experience is very important, but litigation experience varies considerably compared to other types of legal experience. For instance, a lawyer who has been involved in litigation for just a few years may have more experience in that area then a lawyer who has been practising for decades. In other words, ask how much experience they have in litigation as opposed to how many years they have been practicing. This way you can feel confident that they will be familiar with the various court procedures and be able to represent you effectively.

Is it all about you?

Another important factor to consider is trust. Do you feel confident that your lawyer has your best interests at heart and is doing all they can to secure the best outcome for YOU?


Costs can soon mount up in litigation but through our fixed-price system, we give you a written quote for each step of the process. This way you’ll never be faced with a nasty surprise when it comes to settling the bill.

As honest, genuine people, we’ll also tell you whether the cost of litigation outweighs the potential benefit and suggest alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.

Our goal is always to represent your interests in the best way rather than maximising our fees with litigation that isn’t necessary.

For more information about litigation law in Cairns, call Strategic Lawyers.

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Bella, 2021

I had received a very professional service from Strategic Lawyers throughout my case. Lawyers were proficient, efficient and addressed all matters promptly in a courteous manner

Bella, 2021

Spencer, 2021

The experience was not only professional but also full of empathy and care.

Spencer, 2021

Daisy, 2021

All Lawyers were fantastic to deal with from start to finish. All-in-all it was a great experience

Daisy, 2021

Lisa, 2021

During a difficult time in my life, I engaged Strategic Lawyers who were very professional and as a result, my life has changed and I can now move on. I highly recommend Strategic Lawyers.

Lisa, 2021

Damien, 2021

I would highly recommend using Strategic Lawyers. They represented me in my case and I felt like I had the best team in my corner

Damien, 2021

Kym, 2021

Sometimes life presents you with a momentous challenge, one which requires you to seek Legal Counsel. Strategic treated me with kindness and gave me the strength to keep fighting, even when I felt I didn’t have much control over the situation.

Kym, 2021

Emma, 2021

Very friendly and professional. Highly recommended

Emma, 2021

Masilu, 2021

We chose strategic lawyers to handle the purchase of our investment property based on online reviews. Based on our experience, Strategic law firm act with integrity ,honesty and high level of professionalism.

Masilu, 2021

Glen, 2021

I had a good experience with strategic, I felt looked after in a professional and caring manner, I felt as if the team at strategic really had my best interests at heart, and did their utmost to get me a good result.

Glen, 2021

Judith, 2021

From the first meeting with Lawyers we felt at ease and comfortable with engaging them to provide Legal advice to us

Judith, 2021

Lucyanne – 2021

Strategic made me feel extremely reassured and calm through the whole process from the first phone call, meeting and in court I was looked after I’m a very professional manner

Lucyanne, 2021

Tammie Cant, 2018

Strategic Lawyers was recommended to me by a close friend and I was extremely happy with my experience. I first met with Justin to discuss my family law matter then I began to also work with Rob. Both gentlemen were extremely professional, thorough and supportive in their roles, keeping me constantly updated on the progress of my matter. I would recommend Strategic Lawyers to everyone requiring assistance with family law matters. Thank you to the team at Strategic Lawyers 🙂

Tammie Cant, 2018

Jody Ludbrook

I actually swapped over to Strategic Lawyers after not being satisfied elsewhere. The difference was like night and day. Strategic Lawyers kept me updated which dropped my stress levels.They explained things clearly.They are Professional and efficient. They got the best outcome for me-which I didn’t dare to even think was possible! I recommend them highly-in fact I will never use anyone else again. Thank you Strategic Lawyers Townsville.

Jody Ludbrook

Tim Lorger, Local Guide, 2017

Best in town

Tim Lorger, Local Guide, 2017

Jerry Manson, 2018

would highly recommend using Strategic Lawyers if you need representation in Townsville. I was represented by Anthony Sturgeon, and from the first consult till the closing case I felt comfortable and guided through the whole journey. My case was a criminal matter and having had no prior encounters of this nature I was very overwhelmed by the situation. Anthony is very professional and attentive to all your needs, especially when dealing with the law for the first time. Thanks to everyone at the firm.

Jerry Manson, 2018

Ryan Coleridge, 2018

A sincere thank you to Steve Hodgson and Justin Ireland for their hard work and professionalism during a difficult period. They not only allayed my concerns but were able to obtain an outcome beyond my expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice.

Ryan Coleridge, 2018

Donnie Jones, 2018

Ben Watt and the team at Strategic Lawyers, went above and beyond to help my son and I. As such we were rewarded with a positive outcome. Can’t thank the team enough for their time, attention to detail and most of all their concern for our matter. Excellent service provided by all.

Donnie Jones, 2018

Jason Jackson, 2018

If you want a team of lawyers totally committed to your case, look no further. Their track record is great. They always get good outcomes for me and I always feel like I have great legal representation with them. They definitely communicate with me better than other law firms out there, and they take the time to listen to what I have to say and for me to get my story out in full. They’re not just interested in a pay check – they definitely care about me, my case, and my success. I definitely highly recommend these guys as they always achieve great results for me no matter what the case.

Jason Jackson, 2018

Sarah Myers, 2017

If you want someone to really fight for you, then look no further. I chose Strategic Lawyers because of their Fixed Prices, their friendly team and their passion. They were the bulldog in my corner when I needed it most. They won the case for me. I highly recommend them!

Sarah Myers, 2017

David Luke, 2019

Very professional and compassionate. From the first consultation I could tell they genuinely cared about me and my situation. Their communication was outstanding. The best law firm I’ve ever dealt with.

David Luke, 2019

Val Waszkiewicz, 2018

I think the fix fee is brilliant. No nasty surprises at payment time. The staff are friendly and very helpful and speak in a language that you can understand clearly. I would recommend their services to anyone

Val Waszkiewicz, 2018

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