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Can Your Employer Demand You Shave?

Can Your Employer Demand You Shave?

Can Your Employer Demand You Shave?

Beards have been the question in employment law lately, and it’s a bit confusing for those who wish to express their inner Viking or Pirate and let their facial hair grow free.
The Victorian Supreme Court recently ruled Victorian police officers need to shave off beards, goatees, drooping moustaches and mutton chops, or leave the force. A senior constable had challenged a 2012 order that banned police officers from having long hair, goatees or beards on the grounds it was discrimination in the workplace.

The court ruled in favour of the Police Commissioner, saying he had the power to override anti-discrimination law and could determine grooming standards for police officers. Also private enterprise has the ability to outline their own grooming policies so long as they do not conflict with medical, religious and other reasons.

So if you enjoy sporting a beard but your employer does not, come and talk to the beard-friendly solicitors at Strategic Lawyers. We can give legal and beard advice so you’ll never need to pick up a razor again. Call us on (07) 4795 1114 today to find out what your rights are.
– By Rogan, Senior Law Clerk


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