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At Strategic Lawyers we’re all about innovation. All of the law’s great traditions have tended toward law firms with a very old-school mentality. Not here. We’re all about creativity, challenge, innovation, and stretching the limitations of what we can achieve for our clients and for ourselves. We have a culture of encouragement and development, creativity and innovation, and all this to provide better, more cost-effective, fixed-fee legal services to our clients. And our clients love it. Take a look at our Testimonials page and you’ll see just how much our clients love the work we’re doing and particularly the certainty of cost that we bring to the table through our Fixed Fee Quoting system. And if you’re an entrepreneurial lawyer whose keen to try new things and deliver legal services in dynamic, interesting and creative ways, then get in touch with me. I believe in the great work that lawyers do in  society – it’s often under-valued and under-appreciated. But we’re conflict resolvers, deal makers, and advocates. It’s a critically important role. And there’s never been a better opportunity for lawyers to recreate and redefine what we do than right now. So I look forward to working with you, whether as a client or as a colleague.