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We Know Ninjas Love Weapons But….

We Know Ninjas Love Weapons But….

We Know Ninjas Love Weapons But….

….did you know that under the current Queensland Weapons Regulations a person may not, without reasonable excuse, possess or acquire a restricted item? This means that an individual cannot purchase or keep restricted items without risking criminal charges. Restricted items include but are not limited to, Hand Cuffs, Nunchucks, Telescopic Batons, laser pointers, even studded gloves!

But before you throw out your Biker or Ninja Turtle costumes, it’s important to know what your rights and liabilities are. So come in and talk to our team of legal ninja’s at Strategic Lawyers today. We are up to date on all things weaponry and can advise you on your rights, potential liabilities or even what licenses you can apply for. So call our team today on (07) 4795 1114 and get your strategic legal advice at a Fixed-Fee price.

By Rogan Hunter


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