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Our Christmas Message to the Strategic Family

Our Christmas Message to the Strategic Family

Our Christmas Message to the Strategic Family

While for many of our clients Christmas will be a joyful time, as lawyers we are always very aware of the difficulties many families face at this time of year.

We know that as some of us play tug-of-war with cheap crackers, laugh at the bad jokes and tissue-paper hats others will be forced to wear flattened green tracksuits behind razor-wired walls.

As many of us sit in anticipation of roasted meats and succulent, cold prawns, others are facing financial uncertainty that the most expensive time of year brings into painfully sharp focus.

And while many will see the wide-eyed joy of small children tearing at wrapping paper, for others there will be a little chair at the table with no one to sit in it.

Framed this way the Christmas season becomes one of sadness, not joy.

And this is not something as lawyers, entrusted with your best interests, we can ever forget – that while the holidays may come and go the problems many of us are facing will extend into the New Year.

For those facing a difficult Christmas please, know this.

In the New Year we will be the pick of truth to the walls that separate loved ones from their families.

We will be untying the strings that bind us to financial uncertainty and ensuring 2019 is a prosperous one.

And we will be ensuring that little chair is filled before it is outgrown.

Our offices will be open right throughout the Christmas break – excepting Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Should you require urgent legal help on any of these dates please call 13 14 LAW and someone will always answer the phone.

We look forward to helping you with your legal matter in 2019.