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What Gets Our Lawyers Out of Bed

What Gets Our Lawyers Out of Bed

What Gets Our Lawyers Out of Bed

Here at Strategic we have recently began profiling our staff and putting together short pieces explaining what motivates them to do their jobs.

The first two lawyers we profiled were our key family lawyer Robert Ballais and our criminal lawyer Anthony Sturgeon.

Over the coming weeks we will be profiling our other legal professionals and you can see these as they come out on our Facebook page.

Without further delay here is what Rob and Anthony respectively had to say about their motivations for working in their areas of law:


Working in Family Law is not easy.

The hours are long, the work difficult and taxing, the ethics complicated and testing.

However, there are moments that make it all worth it.

It’s the parent sobbing down the phone as they hold their child for the first time in months.

It’s seeing the light come back into the eyes of a person who’s walked out of a toxic relationship.

The confidence coming back into the walk of a person who’s been left all alone.

It’s the moment when, after a full year of mediation, court dates, affidavits, consent orders and divorce papers, you can finally turn to a client and say – that’s it, it’s over.

Working in Family Law is not easy.

But I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t know I was making a difference.

Robert Ballais, LLB.

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Anthony Sturgeon, our senior lawyer.

When the media shows you photos of the people I defend you just see someone shielding their face from the cameras.

If you read the story or watch the news report, you usually only hear about what they’re accused of doing.

And in the comments on social-media, almost without fail, you see people calling for harsher sentences – sometimes even the death penalty.

Honestly, I think if everyone saw the things I do the world would be different.

I see children playing in the waiting-room as a parent asks if they’re going to jail.

I have seen the police charge people with crimes they weren’t guilty of committing.

I have seen prosecutors advocate for jail-time when it wasn’t necessary.

And I’ve succeeded in keeping people out of jail.

And I’m proud of that.

I’ve never had a client I thought was motivated by evil.

It’s not a popular sentiment but I honestly believe very few people, if any, have ever really benefitted from being locked-up.

I think that should only happen if there’s a very real possibility of them harming someone.

And even then, our goal has to be getting their life back-on-track, not making it more difficult.

I don’t believe any human-being should ever be discarded.

That’s why I am a criminal defence lawyer.

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– Anthony Sturgeon LLB